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Budget: Vancouver

Updated: May 26, 2020

Things to do. Places to stay. Food to eat. Vancouver can be a very expensive place to be. But also, not.

I've visited Vancouver twice, and had a reasonable budget both times. Whilst I definitely spent more than intended, that was really a result of poor (but extremely fun at the time) choices that went by the name of 'Happy Hour'.

The fact of the matter is, you can visit Vancouver and spend very little, or you can spend a lot. A lot of it is down to you. To help you plan how much you need to have ready to go when you get there, I've put together a little price list below. This site doesn't allow me to create a table here, so bear with me.

Also, please note that prices are in the local currency and are approximate.

Daily costs (accommodation, food and drink, 1-2 attractions p/day, transport).

  • Budget: $100 - $150

  • Moderate: $150 - $300

  • Holiday of the year: $250-400


  • Hostel: $50 - $80 p/day (the hostel I stayed in is in this post)

  • Hotel: $250+ on average p/day

  • Airbnb: $150 p/day

Food & drink

  • Self-catered: $15-20 p/day

  • Budget: $15-25 p/day

  • Moderate: $25-50 p/day

  • Drinks: $6 bottle of beer, $7 pint, $10-15 cocktail, $6-10 glass of wine etc.


  • Vancouver Lookout: $20

  • Vancouver Aquarium: $35

  • FlyOver Canada: $25

  • Science World: $30

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: $40+

  • Stanley Park: $25+ for bike rental and extras.

  • Grouse Grind: $25+

  • Lynn Canyon Park, Granville Island: $5-10 for transport, plus whatever you want to spend on food and equipment rentals.

  • Sporting events: $30+


  • Compass card: $10.50 p/day, unlimited buses, Canada Line - Skytrain, SeaBus, West Coast Express. Initial purchase is $6 for the card.

  • Water taxi: $7-$16 p/day

  • Bike rental: $6-30

  • Taxi: $3.50 plus $1.84 p/km.

  • To/from Vancouver International (SkyTrain): $15

There you have it. Jetreadyjetsetgo's guide to budgeting for Vancouver. Hopefully, you'll be able to use this to get a rough idea of how much you can expect to spend in this fabulous city. You can also read about my thoughts on Vancouver here.

Please remember that prices do change and these budgets are a guide, not a fact. I went to Vancouver with a budget budget, and overspent massively because I got carried away with Happy Hour. At the same time, I managed to see a lot of the attractions and sights that Vancouver had to offer at a lower cost than I expected, purely because I joined tours and looked for discounts that you won't always find until you get there and have a browse.

Happy travelling.

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